Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Are you listening....

You know those moments where that voice in your head is telling you something...that voice that may tell you to eat that brownie, to buy those shoes, to book that vacation as life is too short....but do you listen to it when it tells you not to do something? That cautious voice is speaking but do you listen or ignore?

Recently, my oldest was coming home late in the rainy evening after being out and instead of her normal fast route, something told her to go the slower route. Not go the freeway where it would cut out time from lights at intersections but instead to go the route where she would encounter those lights. She was about 8 minutes from home when she heard a loud pop and her car wouldn't accelerate like normal. She called my husband and told him what happened and had her pull into a Costco parking lot and he would be there shortly. I got on the phone with her to be with her somehow until he could be with her in person. During this call, she remained calm even when telling me all the lights in the parking lot just turned off leaving her in total darkness. And telling me about a street sweeper driving through the parking lot as if he was getting ready for the Indy 500.

While I had her on the phone and telling her to make sure she had her doors locked, I prayed quick prayers to keep her safe. I knew my husband would be there in minutes but as a mom, those minutes can seem like hours.

Finally he arrived and he was able to see that a tire had completely blown. With it being so dark, he called AAA to come do a tire change and sent our daughter home in his car. Minutes later, she was home and safe in her bed.

It was the next day that I realized how different the night before could have been. Had she not listened to that voice and took the freeway, she would most likely have blown the tire while going 55 miles versus the 25 she was on the side street route. Blowing a tire out on the freeway and adding in rain, it could have resulted in flipping the car.....I tear up at the thought. I thank God my baby was listening...and followed through.

Listen to all that is being told to you. Not just the good things like the brownie, the shoes, the vacation. But listen to the things that may seem like a bad thing, an inconvenience and follow through with may be just that-an inconvenience, but isn't an inconvenience worth it? I think so. No, In fact I know so.