Monday, January 23, 2017

Catch Up!

Ok. It has been a very long time since I posted.

The new year has brought a two week bought of a flu and bronchitis combo to le that
lasted about two weeks and still have lingering sniffles. But feeling much better each day.

Once I was back to feeling somewhat normal, I got back to workouts and started running again!!
After a break from it to allow my left knee some much needed rest, I am starting slow and low mileage and will build up a little at a time. I will listen to my knee and let it determine mileage for awhile. I actually like the feeling of starting over and relearning what my body is capable of.

We have had several storms that brought us more snow and ice than we have seen in years. The most recent one brought almost a foot of snow for us which since we aren't used to getting this, made life difficult to stay normal. Schedules changed, events were cancelled. But it was a nice time too. Something about snow falling and creating a winter wonderland makes one feel like a kid on Christmas. Excitement of building a snowman, having snowball fights, family walks in the snow and lots of hot cocoa.

We are also in the midst of redoing our kitchen and master bathroom. We found a large rustic dining room table that was what was in my mind but never could find exactly what I wanted until a stop into a store to look at couches. Didn't find a couch but found our table! We have already replaced the light above the table with a farmhouse style light/chandelier. We also found a lantern style one for above our kitchen sink which I can't wait to see installed. If you haven't guessed, we are transforming our kitchen to a farmhouse style kitchen. I am very excited. And with the pieces I have bought from the Rae Dunn collection, it is coming along.

This week is full of barre classes, T25, PUMP and running health/fitness wise and of course regular

I will be sharing pics of our redos along the way and let you know how running is going. Oh and to answer the questions I have been getting: I will be back to races this year. I just want to make sure my knee is doing well before I commit to anything longer than a 5k right now.

Have a Blessed Day!!